At Copeland Cosmetic Surgery, Jeffrey Copeland, MD is committed to developing the best possible relationships with his patients. He is able to achieve this through his warm attentive approach, compassionate attitude, and dedication to ensuring patients are fully informed about their options and what they can expect at every stage of treatment. To support patient education efforts using the latest, most effective technology, Dr. Copeland has installed the innovative TouchMD system at his practice. The TouchMD system provides an interactive touch-screen program that delivers detailed, easy-to-follow information and animations about aesthetic procedures and treatments.

What Does TouchMD Do?

Whether you are waiting to see Dr. Copeland at the office or relaxing comfortably at home on a mobile device, you can access the TouchMD system to learn about a wide variety of plastic surgery topics and procedures. The information you learn via TouchMD helps you gain a better grasp on the treatment options you are considering, explaining the potential results you may achieve, as well as covering procedure risks and benefits. With this knowledge, you can feel comfortable asking Dr. Copeland more in-depth questions, better communicate goals and concerns, and feel more confident in your treatment decisions. TouchMD can also provide you with descriptions of what to expect before, during, and after your procedure.

What Can TouchMD Offer Me?

As a virtual platform customized specifically for our practice, TouchMD offers you several avenues for exploring different aspects of your care:

Do you have questions about how TouchMD can enrich your experience at Copeland Cosmetic Surgery? We’d love to talk to you! Contact our office today to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team.