Fat Grafting

Modern facial cosmetic procedures are frequently directed at restoring the volume of the face. In the past few years, we have come to understand that facial aging is accompanied by loss of fullness in the face in characteristic ways. In order to reverse the results of this process, fillers are commonly utilized.

One of the best natural fillers happens to be fat, due to the fact that it is a living part of one’s own body and can remain in place permanently. We tend to think of fat as something we would like to lose, but in this application, it is definitely a beneficial material. The procedure of autologous fat grafting (grafting or transferring one’s own fat cells) is straightforward and involves a minor liposuction procedure to harvest fat, purify the fat, and inject it precisely where volume restoration is needed. There is some initial loss of volume as some of the fat cells do not “take”, but the cells that do survive can provide a permanent filling effect.

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