Thigh Lift

The contours of the thigh are often troublesome to our female patients. The reason may be genetics or lifestyle, but the fact remains that the thighs are a favorite place for fat to collect. The fat may reside in any pattern in the thighs, but often it collects laterally in the form of “saddle bags”. If the skin is elastic, liposuction may help with this problem, but often the skin is not up to the task of retracting after fat removal, and we must remove skin and fat directly to tighten and reduce the thigh contours.

There are lateral and medial (or inner) thigh lifts, depending on the anatomy of the individual. Fat can collect in either or both areas. If the fat is lateral, the tissue removal is also lateral. If the fat is medial, an inner thigh incision is used to tighten the skin and create the lift. The incisions are placed according to patient need and always with the intention of keeping scars as hidden as possible. It is possible to lift both the inner and outer thighs, but typically this is not done at the same time.

In addition to decreasing the size and fullness of the thighs, thigh lift procedures may provide a decrease in cellulite by tightening the skin. There are some activity restrictions following thigh lift because the incisions may be stressed by sitting or bending over, so it is important to allow adequate time to recover before resuming full activity. As with other body contouring procedures, the trade-off between scars and better contours is usually a good one.

This operation is one that can have a real impact on the fit of clothing, and may offer a size reduction in certain individuals.

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