Skin Care Routine and Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

When patients come in to discuss procedures to enhance their appearance, especially in the face and neck area, one topic that comes up as part of the dialog is their skin care routine. People are willing to commit to time off, expense and the risks of surgery to achieve improvements in their looks, but may not think about the importance of preparatory and maintenance skin care prior to and after their procedure. One could liken that to making any major purchase without doing homework to prepare for the act of purchase or not taking care to keep up the condition of the purchase afterward.

Woman putting cream on her faceIn the case or aesthetic procedures, whether that be laser skin resurfacing, radio-frequency micro-needling, Plasma Pen, lifting operations, eyelid surgery or some combination of procedures, those preparatory measures help to make sure your skin is in top condition pre-operatively with good hygiene, sometimes including stronger exfoliant, good moisturizer and other products like Vitamin C serum. There are many good products that can promote readiness. Measures such as these assure that the skin is in its best condition to tolerate the stress of the procedure and to begin healing quickly and normally.

After any procedure, specific instructions are provided regarding post-procedural care. This may include cleansing, application of topical medications, hygiene advice and restrictions and some temporary limitation of activity. It is important to include the skin care regimen in these considerations, with respect to when it is safe to return to one’s preoperative regimen and to what may additionally be done to make the effect of the procedure as good and long-lasting as possible. Often, a retinoic acid product (Retin-A is the classic) along with exfoliation and moisturization, along with protection from the elements (good quality sun block to limit the negative effects of UV light) is also important.

There are also good skin care products that will optimize the healing process of the skin to provide the optimal skin quality and best quality scars.

We have staff that is knowledgeable about different products and can provide you with guidance in this part of your care.

At Copeland Cosmetic Surgery, we offer medical grade skin care products for men and women, with customizable options for your needs and budget. Call us today for information!