Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Double-Chin Reduction


The appearance of a double-chin can have many causes, and board-certified plastic surgeon Jeffrey Copeland, MD offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical solutions. These options can create chin and neck contours that are more slender, lifted, and taut. Here is a quick review of the treatment options that may be suitable for reducing the prominence of a double chin:

Facial Liposuction: Facial liposuction is a surgical procedure that can break down and suction away excess fat from beneath the chin and along the neck area to create a leaner contour. When compared to KYBELLA® or CoolSculpting®, liposuction is often a preferred treatment for patients with larger quantities of fat and/or those who desire more immediate results. Good skin elasticity is required to achieve an optimal result with facial liposuction.

CoolSculpting®: CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical, non-invasive method of fat reduction that uses cooling temperatures to freeze and destroy excess fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. Using the CoolMini™ applicator, CoolSculpting® treatment can be applied to accumulated fat beneath the chin. Following treatment, damaged fat cells are removed from the body via natural processes and results become visible after several weeks. Good skin elasticity is required to achieve an optimal result with CoolSculpting®.

Neck Lift: For a double chin that is caused by both excess fat and loss of skin elasticity, a surgical neck lift is typically recommended. During this procedure, Dr. Copeland can remove excess fat and tighten loose neck muscles, as well as remove and tighten excess skin for a leaner, more youthful-looking chin and neck.

KYBELLA®: KYBELLA® is a non-surgical, injectable treatment that is FDA-approved for the reduction of fat beneath the chin. Once injected into the fat deposits, the active ingredient in KYBELLA® breaks down fat cells to create a leaner appearance. This type of treatment is well suited for patients with good skin elasticity and an isolated area of fat beneath the chin.

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