Candidacy Requirements for Neck Lift Surgery

Many of our patients express concern about their décolletage—the jawline, chin, neck, and upper chest area that can be susceptible to skin laxity and the development of fatty deposits. Since exercise and a healthy diet usually cannot eliminate excess skin, individuals experiencing these symptoms may seek out a surgical solution. Neck lift surgery, as performed by our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Copeland, is designed to reduce excess skin, tighten underlying muscles, and refine the contour of the jawline to help restore the youthful appearance many patients desire.

There are several factors that can contribute to the development of inelastic skin, pockets of fat, and neck banding. These factors include aging, environmental effects, and/or heredity. Dr. Copeland carefully considers each patient’s unique anatomic indicators and aesthetic goals before determining whether they will make a good candidate for neck lift surgery. Common requirements may include:

In addition to these elements, Dr. Copeland will also discuss each patient’s medical history and cosmetic goals. In some cases, a combination of procedures may provide more comprehensive rejuvenation, such as facial liposuctionfacelift, or eyelid surgery. Dr. Copeland will explain all available options during the initial consultation.

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