Dr Jeffrey Copeland Named Missouri State Medical Association President

logoCopeland Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to announce our plastic surgeon, Jeffrey Copeland, MD, became President of the Missouri State Medical Association (MSMA) on April 5, 2014. Dr. Copeland, who has more than 25 years’ experience as a board-certified surgeon, says he is looking forward to the opportunity to further the mission of the MSMA.

Formed in 1850, MSMA is an organization of 6,500 plus physicians who are dedicated to maintaining medical standards and ethics, and ensuring Missourians have access to quality health care. According to Dr. Copeland, the position of president is determined each year through an election process during the annual House of Delegates meeting. Dr. Copeland currently replaces James B. Wolfe, Jr., MD, a board-certified otolaryngologist, and will serve until April 2015.

“I have been preparing for this as a member of the Council of the association for many years,” says Dr. Copeland. “I have had the opportunity to learn from some excellent role models over the years, and feel that I am now ready to fulfill the duties of that office for the physicians of Missouri.” As president, Dr. Copeland will be responsible for establishing several unique goals during his tenure and representing MSMA at the state and national levels, which will include:

Ultimately, Dr. Copeland says one of the greatest motivations to serve in MSMA is his desire to see patients in all specialties of medicine experience a high quality of care. “Physicians should be involved not only in the direct provision of care for their patients, but also in the activities that affect the policies, and rules that control the important aspects of patient care. We work to make sure our patients have the best possible access to the best possible care.”

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